The Rock Art Map

    About the rock art map

    The rock art map is based on the API-service Google Maps, with a digital map delivered by the cache-services of Kartverket.

    All known rock art panels in the Alta municipality are presented on the rock art map. Every panel has an info box containing a description of the panel and a link to the panel’s location in the archive, where the registered photos and other files are available. In addition most of the infoboxes have direct links to tracings, mosaic or photos that give you a quick overview of the panel in question.

    Because of conservation considerations the location of the rock art panels in Kåfjord are not marked on the map, info boxes for the panels can still be opened from the panel-menu on the right-hand side.

    You’ll find the rock art map on


    You can move around on the map by clicking and dragging on the map itself. Zoom in and out by using the scrollwheel on the mouse, or you can use the zoom control in the bottom right corner of the map.

    On the maps right-hand side you’ll find the panel-menu which can be used to navigate the map automatically. Click on the name of any named rock art area to zoom in on that area. Hjemmeluft, which geographically is by far the biggest rock art area in Alta, is further divided into smaller sites. Select a specific rock art panel-number from the drop-down menus to open the info box of that rock art panel. By clicking “Alta” the map image is reset to the original position.

    Whether or not every single panel belonging to an area is included in the map image when you use the automatic navigational function depends on your screens resolution.

    A shortcut button found below the panel-menu will take you directly to the archive's FotoWeb instead of following the link from a rock art panel's info box.

    Info boxes

    Info boxes for the rock art panels can also be opened by clicking the marker of the individual panel on the map. The box is closed by clicking the x-mark in the top right corner of the box. It also closes automatically when the box of a different panel is opened.

    On the bottom of the infobox the following links can be found:

    Go to archive – opens the rock art panel’s location in the archive's FotoWeb.

    Tracing – Opens a PDF with the tracing of the panel, given that a tracing is available.

    Photomosaics – Opens a PDF with a photomosaic of the panel, given that a photomosaic is available. Some mosaics are large in size, and may require some time to download.

    Photo – Opens a PDF with a photo that covers most of or the entire panel, given that such a photo is available.

    How PDF-documents are opened in your web browser depends on the browser settings. When using the rock art map we recommend that your web browser is configured to open PDF-documents with Adobe Acrobat within the browser.