World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museums digital rock art archive is now available online at

The archive will eventually contain an extensive material that documents all the rock art in Alta, and it will continuously be expanded as time goes by.

All the material in the archive is available for download. The archive material is free to use for noncommercial purposes under the precondition that Alta Museum is referenced as the source, and the photographer/creator is properly credited.

The Rock Art Archive's structure

The Rock Art Archive consists of two online applications. The Rock Art Map functions as a portal into the archive. Here, all known rock art panels in Alta are described with photo and text. Clicking on links in the Rock Art Map brings you to the archive’s FotoWeb-application. More information on using the rock art map is found here.

On the FotoWeb you’ll find the actual contents of the archive available for study and downloading. The material can be explored panel by panel, or by bigger locations and areas. The FotoWeb contains multiple search-functions with the possibility of performing very specific searches.

The documentation- and archive-process

People visiting the Rock Art Archive today will experience that the contents of the archive varies from one rock art panel to another. Some panels have tracings and mosaics, others don’t. Some panels contain pictures in large quantities, and other panels only contain a limited selection of pictures. Some panels have been established with numbered figures and/or sections that able you to search for these specifically, for other panels this possibility is lacking. The reason for this is that the rock art panels have been documented to various degrees over time. At the same time some rock art panels have been documented extensively and it takes time to treat and include this material in the archive.

Documenting and archiving is a continuous process at Alta Museum. As time goes by the contents of the archive will become more and more extensive for all the rock art panels. In addition, the archive will eventually be expanded with management-documents, literature on the rock art, videos and media coverage that include the world heritage of Alta.

More information on the content of the archive is found here.