The World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum has a 30-page guide booklet for the rock carvings in the museum park. It is available in Norvegian, Sámi, Finnish, English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The booklet is included in the full price summer entrance fee. Bought separately the price is NOK 15.
The author is Professor Knut Helskog at the University of Tromsø who has done most of the archaeological research on the rock art of Alta.
The booklet will give you information about the rock art panels which are presented along the 2,9 km long pathway in the museum park. There is general information about the dating of the rock carvings, and how they were made. Interpretations of the Alta rock art are also presented. The Stone Age settlement sites rock art panels at the 14 stops are each described and the presentation is accompanied by black-and-white drawings of figures on the respective panels.