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World Heritage Rock Art Centre - Alta Museum is on the E6, a main European highway which goes through the town of Alta. Be sure to stop and see the museum and the rock carvings on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 


The museum is at the western end of the town. When arriving on the E6 from the direction of Tromsø, you will pass the museum before getting to the community centre.

If you are driving towards the southwest on the E6, continue for 14 km on the E6 through the whole town of Alta. The museum is 5 km southwest of the community centre.

If you arrive on National Highway 93, from the direction of Kautokeino, Karasjok and Finland, turn to the left at the crossroads between Highway 93 and the E6. Road signs show the way to the museum at the crossroads.

The museum is a 10 minute drive along the E6 from the Alta Airport, a distance of 8 kilometres.